The Team That Takes Care Further!

Yoel Bernath
Executive Director
David Friedman
Chief Operating Officer
Chaya Back
VP of Strategy and Innovation
Dr. Hammad Rizvi
Chief Medical Officer
Tziporah Schwartz
Chief Business Development Officer
Ka Ho (John) Lee
AVP Business Development
Eric Kabel
VP of Provider Relations & Contracting
Gina Mineo-Scialdoni
Director of Provider Relations
Karl Dehm
VP of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs
Chaya Schlesinger
VP of Human Resources
Colette Johnson
Director of Human Resources
Mendy Ornstein
Comptroller - MLTC
Judah Zelig
Chief Informational Officer
Emily Manning
Chief Technology Officer
Lipa Steinberg
Chief Information Security Officer
Frumie Cooper
Director of Revenue Optimization
Devora Shteierman
VP of Utilization Management
Tiffani Baker
Director of Utilization Management - MLTC
Matthew Goetz
Director of Utilization Management - Medicare
Lindsay Hayek
VP of Care Management
Jennifer St. Amand
VP of Member Services
Maritza Wright
Director of DME
Crystal Stasio
Director of Homecare
Faigy Israel
Director of Assessments
Simi Fliegman
Director of Intake & Enrollment - Medicare
Raizy Wettenstein
Director of Intake- MLTC
Shaindy Mayer
Director of Claims
Leah Grunsweig
Director of Quality
Gitty Braish
Comptroller - Medicare

Board Of Directors

Herschel Weiss
Abraham Hershkowitz
Israel Stein
Meyer Wertheimer
Jacob Cohn

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