Can I choose my own doctor?

Yes. Once you enroll in Hamaspik Medicare Select and Hamaspik Medicare Choice, you will need to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP). We have an extensive list of participating PCPs, although we recommend you pick one located close to your home.

Can I change doctors?

Yes, you can change your doctor at any time. However, you will need to check that the doctor you are switching to is a member of our provider network. You can do this via our Find a Doctor search on our website. If you need help selecting a doctor, Member Services will be happy to assist. You can reach our Member Services team at 1-833-426-2774. TTY users, dial 711. Give them a call between 8:00am and 8:00 pm, 7 days a week.

What should I do in an emergency?

If you are in an emergency situation, whether inside or outside of the Hamaspik Medicare Select or Hamaspik Medicare Choice service areas, immediately go to the nearest hospital or dial 911.

Am I covered for prescription drug benefits?

Yes, all Hamaspik Medicare Advantage plans offer prescription drug coverage. You can pick up your medications at the pharmacy or through our mail order services. Please review your Evidence of Coverage document for more information about your pharmacy benefits.

Do I have benefits if I travel outside of the service area?

When you are outside the Hamaspik service area but in the United States, urgent and emergency care are both covered under your policy.  Hamaspik healthcare plans do offer an International benefit for emergency and urgent care.

I received a bill for something I thought was covered. What should I do?

If this happens, contact Member Services as soon as possible. Have a copy of the bill on hand, as the representative will need to know certain information located on the document. Our staff will work with you and your doctor to determine if you are responsible for any charges.

How do I enroll in a Hamaspik health plan?

You can learn more about how to enroll in each of our offered plans by choosing your preferred plan below:

Access to Your Health Information

As a member of a Hamaspik health plan, you can access current and up-to-date information about the health services that you receive.  

This information is available on-line, and you can access it from your computer or mobile phone through an application. 


Please note that the information that is available may include sensitive information such as information about your medical diagnoses, mental health and behavioral health services, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, genetic testing, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, pregnancy, abortion; and sexually transmitted infections. 


You may also give permission to another person to obtain your health information through this application.  In order to do this, you must complete and sign a form that gives your designated representative permission.  Click here to download the required form.  <link>


If you have questions, please contact member services at 888-426-2774.  (TTY users, call 711.) 


What are Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage plans are healthcare plans offered by a private company contracted by Medicare. These plans offer you a different way to receive your Medicare Part A- and Part B- covered services. They provide the same benefits as traditional Medicare plus additional benefits, depending on the exact plan.

If I join Hamaspik Medicare Select or Hamaspik Medicare Choice, will I lose my Medicare?

No, you will not lose your Medicare. In order to enroll in Hamaspik Medicare Select, you must already have Medicare Parts A and B. As a member, you will receive a Hamaspik Medicare Select ID card, which you will present to our network doctors and providers. Always keep your red, white and blue Medicare card in case you need it at a later time.


How does MLTC affect my Medicaid and/or Medicare coverage?

If you are currently receiving Medicaid and/or Medicare services, you still receive the same types of services usually paid for by Medicaid and Medicare. You do not lose any of your regular Medicaid or Medicare benefits. If the Medicare or Medicaid service is not covered by the plan, you may still receive the service outside the plan using your Medicare or Medicaid card.

What is a Managed Long Term Care plan?

Managed long-term care plans provide long-term care services and receive Medicaid reimbursement. They are designed to help people who need help with day-to-day activities receive the services they need in their homes, and remain safe at home in the community. Members receive covered services (see list of covered services here) through the MLTC plan with which they are enrolled. Members receive non-covered services (i.e. primary care physician and inpatient hospital services) using their Medicaid and/or Medicare cards.

How do I know if I am eligible for a Managed Long Term Care plan?

You can learn more about the eligibility requirements of our MLTC plan here

When I enroll in a Managed Long Term Care plan, do I have to find a new doctor?

No. When you join an MLTC plan, you can continue to see your current Primary Care Provider (PCP). 

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